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    Monthly Archives: February 2016

    Our Brides

    February 12th, 2016|

    Bride: Ambelisa Guillen
    Husband: Israel Ayala
    Ambelisa is from the Dominican Republic, her husband Israel is from El Salvador. The couple met in New York.
    “It was the best experience that any women could have, everything was so beautiful”

    Wedding: November 27th 2015
    Wedding Location: Dominican Republic
    Gown & Veil: The Bridal Garden

    Something Old – Something New

    February 12th, 2016|


    Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity. – The Knot.

    Do you ever wonder what your something blue will be? What will you borrow? Have you thought about these things yet!? Most of us have heard of this before, […]